Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weighing In After Vacay...

Oh, hello there!

Remember me?

Yeah, I'm back - finally -  after what seems like the world's longest hiatus from Blogville. Someone should hand me an award for Worst Blogger for the month of August because it's been a long post-barren month for sure. All the wonderful ideas I had about blogging from the beach fell through and here I am, back home (as of Sunday evening) and I am just getting to posting something now. (BIG SIGH.....)

So, how was vacation, you ask? Did I eat myself into a sugar and fat filled food coma - is that what you want to know?????

Mmmm, not exactly. I weighed myself when I got home and sure enough, I had gained some poundage during my vacation - but it was not what I consider excessive (today my weight is 231.5) and I contribute that in part to being much more active at the beach than I normally am here at home (which frankly is a huge problem since I spend most of my time, NOT at the beach, but here at home). We got in lots of bike riding, swimming, and of course, walking - although not as much walking as I would have liked. It seems I have an annoying case of plantars fasciitis - or as I like to call it, Plantars FAT-She-itis, that has been causing me a bit of pain when I walk. Biking seems to be the best exercise alternative right now since it puts minimal pressure on the bottom of my foot. And while I know I am not really supposed to wear flip flops because it just exacerbates the problem, I refuse to give up my beloved summer foot wear until I absolutely have to - pain be damned. Sometimes I can be so non-compliant.

I am having a very hard time with coming to terms with summer's end and the beginning of another semester looming in front of me. Although it is my last semester of classes, it is going to be pure hell, and knowing this makes it VERY difficult to get jazzed about what the next 3 1/2 months hold. My biggest fear (of the moment) is that once Monday arrives, I am going to get completely lost in my school work (as I have been known to do) and forget that I am trying to  meet some weight loss goals before my body completely becomes one big gelatinous mess. It is a very real fear.....I have soooooo been down this road before.

So, I need to get a routine started early this semester that will be maintainable through December. I don't want to feel consumed by school work and not provide myself with some kind of outlet where I can recharge my batteries so to speak. I have to move - I cannot stay chained to my laptop from now until it's time to deck the halls with boughs of holly. I just CAN'T!

Since I have never been to my college's gym, today when I go to buy my text books (which may or may not require me selling a kidney to pay for them), I am going to try to get in there to check it out. I know they offer Zumba classes (the thought of which petrifies me just a bit), but I really have no idea what else they have there in terms of equipment, classes, etc. I figure since it's free, I have absolutely no excuse not to go (then again, I have been enrolled at this school since 2009 - so obviously I have made some excuses). I tend to be a little bit weird about the gym - I need to know where everything is (the lay of the land, so to speak) and that I will be able to shower (comfortably) after I work out and get to my classes in time (they're all in the evening so this should not be a problem). In theory, this plan for the gym and school sounds's crossing my fingers that I stick to it.

Of course I am heading out to do my book purchasing and gym investigating when the weather here is about to become super nasty at any moment. Note to self: Take large umbrella - not puny little one stashed in the car. It looks like we'll get a slight reprieve tomorrow (which is good because we are getting new carpeting installed) and then we are expecting another deluge of rain over the weekend as Hurricane Irene passes through town. Good times.  At the very least, I'll get some house work done and maybe prep a few meals for the upcoming week, and jump on the elliptical machine - barring any floods or power outages, anyway.  Let's hope it's not Mother Nature's time of the month and she shows a little mercy....stay tuned, my good people!


  1. My husband had that same foot issue several years ago. I have a different problem and have given up cute shoes, sad to say. Everything I wear now has great arch support. Sigh.

  2. I live in flip flops from March to October, or until the heavy rains start each year. I know they are horrible for my feet and so many other things, but I can't stand socks...they gross me out something fierce! I have always hated them! I also hate my sheets being tucked in, my feet have to be free...anyway enough about my foot tangents lol. I think you should put some motivational sayings on your school books and reminders on your phone so you can stick with this during the semester! You have done amazing so far! Best of luck with hurricane, that seems so scary!

  3. Welcome back! Don't let the gym scare you off. Go for it!

  4. Miiiiissed you!!!! So glad you're back!!!! I'm proud of you for how well you're doing :)