Well, here they are - the dreaded "before" pics. While there aren't any "after"or even "progress" pics yet to show, I assure you there will be in good time. The pictures below were taken July 1, 2011 - at my heaviest weight ever. It takes a certain amount of guts (or is it insanity??) to post these - but my reasoning behind doing it is simple. I want to remember what 235 pounds looks like so that I never go back there again. I also want to be able to look back and see just how far I've come once I have reached my weight loss goals. I think it's important to also see how your body transforms when you are going through this process because often times, just simply looking in the mirror doesn't allow you to see the changes and progress you've made. But sometimes seeing a picture makes all the difference. I know seeing these pictures makes a difference for me - I hate them, but I am willing to post them because I believe in myself enough to know that this is not how I am going to look in the future. Stay tuned for progress pics along my's bound to be quite the interesting ride.

Front View - 7/1/11
I sort of look like I am contemplating a diet here....

Back View - 7/1/11
Side View - 7/1/11

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  1. I started at 243 and I took pics so I could have them to look back on because I never want to go back either. NEVER!!! They're a GREAT source of power to have at your fingertips.