Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pleasure & Pain

It is another glorious morning...not so hot or humid or hazy. Just a great start to the day. I'm always inspired on days like this. Even though I opted out of the dog walk this AM with my hubs (my knee is still a little iffy), I know I will get a workout in at the gym at some point, plus I have a bunch of cleaning I need to do that will hopefully burn a few calories, in addition to making my house sparkle. :-)

My training session was a little brutal yesterday - it was an upper arm/chest work out which left my arms feeling a wee bit like lead. You know it's never a good thing when your trainer casually throws in the conversation something like, "Oh,  you probably won't be able to lift your arms above your head tomorrow. I hope you don't have to put away dishes or anything..." I was like - What??? And then I remembered how much pain I was in after my last workout with my male trainer, Scott, right before the weekend. My legs felt like Muhammad Ali had made them his own personal punching bag. Going up stairs was difficult at best. Coming down them was pure torture. So imagine my horror when I realized that this new trainer, Linda, intended to make  mush meat out of my arms, too. I wanted to run, but my bum knee wouldn't let me. So I stayed, and endured.

Despite the intensity level of these training sessions, my inner sadist is rather enjoying the challenge. I would NEVER push my body to the limits these trainers have. The second I would feel a little discomfort at the gym, that was my signal to stop. I never pushed myself to see how far I could go - until now. I'm giving it my all, and it is interesting to see what I am actually capable of doing. Of course, I have miles to go, but this feels like a really great beginning to me. I'm willing to work hard - and am happy that some results are already forthcoming. Today I weighed in at the scale is at least cooperating! All of this pain is not for naught!

Until next time, happy sweating and healthy eating!
A chuckle a day keeps the fat cells away...


  1. Do you have a sauna at the gym? That might help your muscles. And maybe a light yoga/stetching DVD. Don't laugh but they have some really good "over 50" ones that help strengthen joints. So proud of you!!

  2. You're doing great, Rochelle!!

  3. Gotta love those endorphins released through exercise! Great work :)