Saturday, June 2, 2012

Getting Ready to Sizzle

Happy Saturday to everyone!
Tomorrow begins the Summer Sizzle Slim Down Challenge and I have to say, it's coming not a moment too soon. This week has been sort of rough with staying on track.  Although I have been logging my calories on, some of the food I had wasn't in the data base (which, duh, can't be a good sign, right?), so I just had to guesstimate the calorie value. Ugh. I think it's a sign from the fat gods that I need to stop going to restaurants and stay at home and cook myself things that I know are healthy. The problem is now that school is over, I have been playing catch up with my social life. This week  I scheduled three dinners out (gulp!) with people that I haven't seen in ages. This type of jam-packed social schedule is highly abnormal for me - but I know it can easily spell disaster if I don't watch it. I was down to 230.75 yesterday but when I weighed myself this morning, .75 pounds crept back on - so I know that the past few days of indulgences here and there (I've already had 2 of those 3 dinners out) are not helping my situation. Did I mention a cocktail or two was involved? I'm glad to be getting it out of the way this week because after tomorrow, I'm flipping the switch.

One difference I have made this time around (and it's probably why the scale didn't bounce right back to 234) is that I have PLANNED for these dinners out. I kept my calories low for the bulk of the day and banked a bunch to feed my social need, so to speak. It seems to help a small bit, at least.

So tomorrow starts the challenge and I feel good about the progress I intend to make and the changes I intend to see this time around. I have absolutely no obstacles standing in my way for the first time in a long time - there isn't an excuse to be had ANYWHERE so I am feeling more confident than I have in my previous attempts to tame the Fat Beast.

For those of you that asked questions or posted to the Details for the Summer Sizzle Slim Down Challenge, I did leave a reply on the comments section of that post. A few had questions about weighing in, or posting pictures. I am going to leave that part up to you. As long as you can monitor your progress one way or another and share with us, that is fine. Michele, I know you have dietary requirements the week of your bike event, so again, whatever you need to do is fine! I think I mentioned I am not the Diet Gestapo so I don't want anyone to feel like tweaks can't be made, but the goal is to stick with as many of the weekly challenges as possible without radical modifications (unless necessary). Some of the challenges even scare me, but I am willing to step outside my comfort zone and work at making slow, steady changes that will hopefully lead to big changes down the line.

So, get ready for tomorrow. It will be time to log EVERYTHING.
I'm ready! Are you????


  1. About to get my starting post together. Can't wait!

  2. I'm ready......I think.;) The challenge is getting it's very own page on my blog where I will keep track of everything! I'm really looking forward to this challenge!!

  3. I am ready. I am doing my post as we I write this. It is just such the perfect timing and you letting me do some of the things my way is what makes this challenge possible for me. Thank you for that.
    I'll be back each week to check in and I'll check the list of challengers and do my best to support as many as I can.
    Take care Rochelle and have a blessed evening!

  4. Is it too late to join? I just saw that you were doing this over at Julie's.

  5. I will be posting pics/measurements and weight on my blog today. I NEED this - after a week of vacation and a week of "not caring" Im up 6.5lbs! CRAZY!

    So how will this work - will there be somewhere posted everyones blog so we can encourage each other or are we posting just in your comments or what?


  6. I hope it's not too late! I'm in!