Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jello Arms and Machines That Lie

What my arms are apparently made of...

I'm doing  a quick post today and then I think I'm going to haul my hot ass (temperature-wise hot, not sexy hot) to the pool because it is blazing outside again and frankly, I am tired of being drenched due to sweating - and not anything fun. Bring on the chlorinated water! Time to swim!

About 30 minutes ago, I returned home from the gym and just wanted to fall into a lumpy heap on the floor. Yes, I had another training session today. And since I never am quite sure what type of torture Linda has in store for me, I'm always careful to reveal if my back or knees are bothering me, lest she unleash some hellish routine on me that will lay me out flat for the next week and a half. Today, I mentioned that I began the C25K program yesterday and told her that my back was twinging just a little (I was diagnosed with a herniated disc back in college, and it acts up from time to time), and also my legs and knees were a little weak from yesterday's jog or more accurately, yesterday's "schlog" (which frankly, is a little sad if you ask me but it's the truth). She asked if running a 5K was a goal of mine and I said that yes, it was. She seemed happy that I am setting fitness goals for myself - frankly I'm not sure if she knows quite what to make of me yet. I am really bad with filling in my fitness book that they gave to me; all it has in it are the workouts I do with her. I'm supposed to list all of the other fitness activity I do inside the gym and out, AND I'm supposed to log all of my foods in there, too. Since I'm doing all of that through Calorie Count, I chose not to duplicate (it's tough enough to remember to do it in one place versus having multiple records), so maybe to her eyes it seems like I am not doing much at all.....

Anyway, I hope she knows I am not just lying around eating bon bons in between my workouts with her. I feel like we had a good workout today. I asked to do an upper body routine today and I swear I will probably not be able to use my arms tomorrow. It's even tough to type now- I feel all weak and wiggly. You know the feeling - Jello arms. I guess I asked for it, right?

In addition to the training session I completed 35 minutes on the elliptical. I've been meaning to post about the inaccuracies of the calorie burn that the gym machines provide ever since I got my HRM, but haven't....until today. I know that when I started going to the gym (pre-HRM purchase), I was so jazzed about the mega-burn I THOUGHT I was doing on the machine, and then was completely crushed to learn just how "off" the numbers were once I used my HRM. Today, for example,  the elliptical told me I burned 392 calories in 35 mins, completing a bit over 2.5 miles. In reality, according to my HRM, I only burned 268 calories...Now I don't profess to be a math whiz, but even I know that's a major discrepancy! That's 124 calories I didn't burn that the lying sack of crud machine said I did. I wish the machine was right and my HRM was wrong, but from what I have read, the HRM monitor is the most accurate reading, so (big sigh) I will trust the number it spits at me, even if I like the deceitful elliptical machine's number better.

In addition to the 264 on the elliptical, I burned 174 calories with my trainer. It always seems like I should be burning 5,000 calories with her,  but sadly, no...just the 174. For all the pain I am sure to endure over the next few days, I kind of feel like I've been jipped.

Overall, it's not a bad day for burning calories, especially if I do get my butt to the pool and swim too. Unfortunately I can't wear my HRM in the pool so I will just have to go by what Calorie Count tells me I burn,  even though they too, are inaccurate. Jeez - maybe getting this HRM was a curse. I've become so dependent on it.

Anyway - that's it for now. Hope you are all having a great week. Stay cool, my friends!


  1. It sounds like you are as hot as me! It's freaking sweltering around here! Yay for the pool!

    As for inaccurate numbers: I found that out too. Doesn't it suck? Total mind blow.


  2. Frequent reader of your blog & first time commenter. Just wanted to say good job on your weightloss progress. I know it can be tough but persistence does pay off. I never thought that @ 40 years old I would consider myself a runner or much less like it. My highest weight was 273 and today I am at 215. I started the C25K program last winter & fell in love with running. It does suck in the beginning but it WILL get easier if you stick with it. Since finishing the program I have run several 5K races, completed a Warrior Dash & I am in training for my first half marathon this fall.
    Keep up the good work- You can do it!!

    1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. You have no idea how much it means to have people share their personal stories with the program and encourage you to stay with it. It IS hard, but I am hoping that with some persistence and hard work, I can get there. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. Your words are greatly appreciated and have given me that extra motivation that I need to keep on going!!

  3. I heart the pool! Any water really. So proud of your C2-5k! So proud! And busting it at the gym. I use a calorie counter on MFP for workouts. I don't trust those machines a bit.

  4. I also got the rude HRM awakening! I'm relieved though. One thing about the calories burned when doing resistance training/working with weights, even though the calorie burn number will be lower than what you hope, know that you're building muscle, which in the long run increases your metabolism and your daily calorie burn overall. So don't fret :)
    Good job on your workout!