Sunday, July 22, 2012

Link is Up...

Hi All
Sorry about the very late post on SSSDC Check-in Day!
I had my niece visiting all weekend and after dropping her off this afternoon, I had to dive right into studying for my NJ Praxis exam that I am taking tomorrow. I'm feeling really unprepared. I had zero time over the past few days to study, and this isn't a test you can cram for so.....
I have already taken the 3 Praxis requirements for PA, so I am hoping that the test for New Jersey isn't too different from those.
I'm looking to get a good night's rest (something that didn't happen with my niece here), so this is short and sweet -  just a quickie post to get the link up for everyone for their update, and you'll get my full report tomorrow - after I get home from taking my test @ 1:30.
Wish me luck!
I apologize for this delay, but it's been a busy week.....more on that tomorrow!!!

Reminder that this coming week's challenge is as follows:

Week 8 - (begin July 22) - EMBRACE A FITNESS FEAR
Is there something you have always wanted to do that you are too afraid to try? Some irrational fear holds you back? For me, it's trying Zumba and Spinning....I long to do them but I am scared. Scared of only being able to do the activity for 2 minutes. Afraid to look like a jackass in front of people who do these activities all of the time and know the drill - and have STAMINA.
My thought is that by this time, hopefully we have been working on the stamina thing. We are ready to take on something new and maybe a little scary. Maybe it's running, or maybe it's kickboxing. Whatever your fear, this week the goal is to stare it in the eye, and then make it your bitch.


  1. Good luck with your test. I know you'll do awesome.
    Running a challenge isn't easy so don't worry if you're a bit late. We're here when you're able.
    Take care and will be back sometime tomorrow to check on you.

  2. Good luck on your test, Rochelle!!

  3. Good luck! Read every question carefully and you will do great!