Monday, October 24, 2011

Christmas Dress Challenge - Week 5 Update

If meeting my Christmas Dress Challenge goals was the determinant of whether I received beautifully wrapped presents under my tree or a filthy bucket of coal for Christmas, I am pretty sure I'd be receiving the latter. I swear every time I say I am going to kick butt, something else always ends up kicking my butt.

Not that this week was any kind of epic fail, mind you.  I did manage to lose .25 pounds - by the mere grace of God, and nothing else, I can assure you. This week was busy for me and busy always means pushing all the things I know I should be doing to the "weigh" side, so to speak. Hence the minimal loss, lackluster attitude and general feeling of disconnect I have this week with my weight loss goals.
I know, I know - a loss is a loss, no matter how small. I say the same thing to others when they are unhappy about the barely-there movement on the scale. I know down is better than up. Loss is better than gain. Less chub is better than more chub. You get the idea.

And really, I should be jumping for major joy because I feel like I didn't do anything to really "earn" that quarter of a pound. All I can think of is that it must be some sort of bonus the Fat Fairies are throwing me for not strapping the humongous bag of Halloween candy to my face like a feedbag the second my husband brought it through the front door.

Allow me to recap the week and all it's unimpressive glory: First off,  I barely exercised - as in, I only took two walks this week (about 50 mins each), not to mention my water consumption was subpar at best (my body is feeling this especially), and sweat was definitely not part of my vocabulary this week. Maybe my portions were a smidgen smaller? Who knows. Whatever the case may be for dropping, I'll take it. One stinking quarter pound at a time if I have to.

I am very much hoping for a better week this week but I have this nagging cold that took hold of me yesterday that is making me feel like I'm paying for something horrendous I did in a past life. Working out isn't on my mind - but sleep sure is. I'd be sleeping right now if I could. Unfortunately I have class tonight so there goes that idea. Pffft. Like air out of a balloon, I tell ya.

I hope everyone else is having a better week. I may not get to my commenting on everyone's blogs until tomorrow, but I will get there eventually.
We have about 9 weeks until Christmas, right? I'm thinking forget about Miracle on 34th Street - I need a miracle right here.
Dear Santa, won't you please bring me a smaller ass for  Christmas?


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just keep moving forward and taking one day at a time.

  2. Christmas Season for me starts on Thanksgiving day - the minute I watch Miracle on 24th street.


  3. Congrats for not strapping a bucket of Halloween candy to your face. Now, can you send some of those fat fairies here because I need help to budge this pudge!:)

  4. Myra wrote a couple of good blog posts lately that might resonate with you:
    here is one:

    Here is another:

    I laughed so hard at the feedbag quip that I will not kick your butt today. But watch out for next week. Show us you can do this. Because you can. Dang it. Get going. You are worth it.

  5. Santa is bringing me a smaller ass for Christmas, so I sure hope he's got two of'em! :D

  6. A loss is a loss! And with Halloween candy in the house - awesome!

  7. If something kicks your butt every time you say you're going to kick butt---STOP SAYING YOU'RE GOING TO KICK BUTT. LOL

    I'd rather lose a quarter pound than gain it! And, while I understand your frustration, you can't worry about last week. It's all said and done. Just concentrate on right now!

  8. LOL had to giggle at your wish to Santa - priceless. Gonna add that to my present wishlist too. Look, it's tough, don't be too hard on yourself but don't be complacent. It's all about making better choices, one tiny step in front of the other. Every little loss helps get you closer to your goal. Hang in there :)

  9. Sometimes the scaled do not budge but the inches do. maybe this is what is happening. Hang in there.

  10. Take the loss and run with it woman! I really hope you feel better soon-I hear anything tomato based is excellent for colds since it increases white blood cell production.

    10 weeks? Pshaw you'll be a holiday hottie in no time!

  11. Ok, because you know it already, I don't have to say it, but I still will: a loss is a loss! hahaha And you better believe it. You haven't gained and that is GREAT! Now let's have some exercise this week. I will have some too. We can do this!!!!

  12. I know what it's like to lose your mojo (God, do I know) but it's good that you didn't gain, especially being in this mindset.

  13. You have to be happy with your loss - you have to be!! Every little bit means you're getting it done - even if you feel like you're not. I hope you're having a good week!