Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas Dress Challenge Update - Week 2

Hello....I know it's been a while!
It's been a hectic week that has left little time for blogging. Sorry if I have been MIA in commenting. I will get better! This week just did not lend itself for much computer time if it wasn't related to school work. On top of regular classes, I have begun my last 30 hours of classroom observation. It's thrown a little bit of a monkey wrench into my morning routine but at least I find that I eat less than when I am super busy and away from the house.
Other than Fri and yesterday, eating was relatively good - and I even managed to get my 5 days of exercise in - although it was only 4 days of the Shred and one day of cleaning the house - but I cleaned for several hours (can you guess that my in-laws were coming over?) and I was literally sweating like a pig so I am counting that as exercise!
It may have been hard work but you know what? My house damn near sparkles!!! for the Christmas Dress challenge, it would appear I am not setting the world on fire per se, but I am at least happy to report a one pound loss this week!
Thank God for small favors, I say!
It's amazing that on a week where I feel like I am not doing that great, I show a loss. Can someone explain that to me? This weight loss thing sometimes confuses the hell out of me. The only thing I can think of is that by being in school, my calorie intake was significantly less for a couple of days. 
I weighed in this AM as opposed to doing it on Friday and even after a dinner last evening that included filet mignon and some birthday cake, I was still showing a loss.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. I'll take it anyway I can get it!
Water consumption this week was not that great and that is because while I am in the classroom, I cannot run to the bathroom every 15 minutes. I basically have a break in the AM before the kids get there, a short break at lunch and then nothing until the end of the school day. I just don't feel comfortable running out to the bathroom so much so my hydration suffered and I could really feel it in my body. I need to get back on that today, but I am in class again tomorrow so that will throw me off once again.
Also, just to update you on the WW tracking points progress - I have opted not to do that anymore. I like the My Fitness Pal and Calorie Count websites to help me track my foods. It seems to be helping me more than calculating points so I'm sticking with those for now...
That's really about it! I am so busy again this week but my husband and I are headed to the Delaware beaches this weekend to celebrate out 1st wedding anniversary (Oct 9). I am so excited!
Hope everyone else is having a great start to their week. I am trying to get to everyone's blogs but if you don't see my comment today, I will get to you on Wed (tomorrow I have observation all day and then class until 9:45 PM).
I think I may pass out when I get home tomorrow, so that's why I'm not making any promises for posts or comments tomorrow.
Until next time....


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment even that you are so busy. Congrat. on your weight loss. 1 pound is so much better then no loss at all. Wish you also luck for this week.

  2. Happy anniversary! The weight thing confounds me too. I guess I just figure that, as one reader suggested to me, it is not linear. So, the longer I keep on track, the greater the chances that overall I see that reflected in my progress. I can't imagine trying to drink all day with what you have going on!

  3. Happy anniversary.
    Seems like you are doing just fine. I count house cleaning as activity, sometimes I end up with more activity points from house work than with my regular exercise!
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you two !!! Ours in on Friday (11 years married, 20 years together).

    You seem to be going along just fine with your weight loss. Woo-hoo for the loss !

    I struggle too with getting in water when time doesn't allow for potty breaks.If you get a glass in at every meal that should suffice until you get drinkin' again.

  5. Ooooo happy anniversary beautiful :) (oh and to hubby too!!!)

    And...a loss is a loss. Dont be disappointed.

  6. You don't have to set the challenge on fire, a slow simmer (or should that be slow slimmer?) is absolutely fine. You're heading down and doing what you can, that's what's important.

  7. Good for you with the one pound loss. You're heading in the right direction!

  8. You are going down girl, and that's what it's all about! :)

    But yes, weight loss is confusing. I would have some weeks where I would lose 4lbs and other weeks where I would lose 0.6lbs. Yet, I was eating and exercising in the same fashion. The body will do what the body will do. Period. We just have to hang on for the ride.

  9. Sounds like you're doing great to me!

  10. Thanks for commenting at my blog - I so appreciate all your support!!!

    Congrats on the loss! Be proud of every loss you have - big or small!

  11. The first is called paper, right? I did not google it. This is a test of my memory.

    Good going on the loss!

  12. 1 pound loss is good. House cleaning, when done with a vengeance... counts as exercise. Doesn't hurt to do a little strength routine with it... why not? I remember reading someone's blog and they said they were doing lunges and squats while mopping / vacuuming. I thought... that is GENIUS! :)

  13. Happy anniversary! Don't be too bummed, a loss is a loss, no gain is a great thing. :) Thanks for the PMDD link too, very interesting reading. Didnt even know it existed.

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! You lost a lb, you hear me, you LOST!! Yay!!!

  15. Hello? Where are you? We miss you at the Holiday Dress Challenge. It's not too late to jump back in and have some fun. We have 11 weeks until Christmas. Even losing 1 pound a week is 11 pounds gone by the first of the year! Want to come back to Thursday's Child and check in?