Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Late SSSDC Update due to Technical Difficulties

Apparently,  the wireless router decided to take one, too.

Hello Challengers!
Sorry for the delay in getting the link up today. We had major technical difficulties with the wireless router here at the beach. Thankfully my Mr. Fix It has it up and running for the time being - but who knows for how long!

So I thought while it's still functioning, I'd hop on and get the link up for the Week 9 updates.

How did everyone do?

This week was tough for me for the reasons I stated in my posts this week. Strict denial acted as some kind of weird trigger for cravings to things I haven't cared about or really thought about in weeks. I guess because in the back of my mind, I knew I could really have them if I wanted to - I just opted not to. BUT once I said I couldn't have them, my brain told me I HAD to have them.

I'm happy to say I remained faithful to the challenge. With the exception of Splenda in my coffee, my sugar intake was primarily fructose from fruits. Processed foods that have sugar were avoided - even my sugar free fudge bars (which I guess I could have had), I avoided.

Weight wise, this week is a little disappointing because I did hit 215 earlier in the week (which brought me to my 20 lbs loss and challenge goal met) however, Friday's weigh-in showed I had bounced back to 216 again - so for the week, my "official" weight technically stayed the same from last week. So much for losing 5 lbs before my vacation...Cest la vie!

Overall, I'm all right with the result from this week. No gain - I just didn't lose. I had two days that my calories were over my allotted 1270 and my sodium was probably on the high side (my ankles & feet are the first to tell me when I have had too much salt). I'm still plugging along and know that weeks like this are to be expected. The important thing is to keep going, stay focused, and rev up the exercise this week so that I can get that number on the scale moving downward again!

As I mentioned, we are on vacation (yey!) so getting in exercise will not be a problem. I lost 2.5 lbs during our last vacation down here in July, so I am confident that I can do it again. Which brings me to this week's challenge:

Week 10 - (begin August 5) - SET A FITNESS/WEIGHT LOSS GOAL FOR YOURSELF (and post pics/measurements if doing so)
Let's surprise ourselves....we can do more than we think. This week is about telling each other what fitness goals we have for ourselves, because in a week or two I'll be asking everyone (myself included) to aim to surpass those goals. Same goes for weight loss. What do you want to lose this week (think outside the box - maybe it's not just weight)? And tell us why!

Since I'm on vacay, I didn't get my picture or measurements done yet, but I will in the next day or two.

My fitness and weight loss goals for this week are as follows:

Weight Loss Goal:
  • 2 lbs (I want to lose this because I need to continue to teach myself that just because I am on vacation, doesn't mean I get to take a vacation from my weight loss efforts. Having the mindset that I can be on vacation and still eat healthy will be imperative for me to maintain my loss in the future).
Fitness Goals:
  • Complete Week 3 AND 4 of C25K (need to keep plugging away at this, no matter how hard it gets).
  • In addition to swimming in the ocean, do at least 1 1/2 hours of additional exercise - either fitness center, running, walking, kayaking or biking, or combo of activities. (I need to also teach myself that being on vacation doesn't mean I get a free pass to be lazy. The beach is a great place to be active - I'm taking advantage of it!
That's it for now - but I might think of more. Stay tuned!

Pics and measurements will be posted soon, too - I promise!

Hope everyone had a good week and has set some challenging goals for themselves this week! I'll be checking in soon! (providing we don't have anymore internet connection disasters here).


  1. Looks like you had a REALLY great week. Excellent work on avoiding the sweeteners! Have a great vacation!

  2. Enjoy your vacation and you really are doing awesome! Thanks for this challenge Rochelle. Blessings my friend!

  3. Staying on track while on vacation is hard, but I have no doubt you are doing great! I hope your having a wonderful time!!