Sunday, August 12, 2012

SSSDC Week 10 Update and Details for Week 11

Well,  here we are again. Another week down, another week closer to fall. I'm trying to live the good life here at the beach for as long as possible, but tomorrow evening I'll be heading back home, feeling those post-vacation blues and thinking about the next time I'll be able to squish my toes in the sand.
I love being here, no matter what the weather, but this week Mother Nature wasn't on our side. Rain at the beach usually doesn't bother me, but this week it was a little too wet for my liking - especially since so many of my fitness plans involved being outdoors. My sister and her family joined us for a few days and during their stay, it rained quite a bit. We only were able to get on the beach with them for one day, and even that day we were chased off the beach due to rumbling thunder and lightning.

Needless to say, when you plan on biking, walking and kayaking, thunderstorms kind of put the kibosh on all of those plans. So does getting sick smack dab in the middle of the week. I have no idea if it's allergies or a cold - but I DO know that I feel miserable and my energy level is extremely low. I definitely didn't get in the amount of exercise I had planned on here, and that bums me out tremendously. Partly because this is such a great place to exercise (and doesn't even feel like exercise because it's FUN stuff) and partly because my food intake was much more strict than I thought it would have to be on this vacation because of the lack of calorie burn.

In between rain storms we did manage a few good bike rides and walks, but we didn't get to kayak and I didn't run because of my cold. I just felt wiped out. I know when I get home, I will probably start week 2 again of the C25K because I'm sure I've lost some of my stamina, even though it's only been a week.

As for weight loss, I was lucky enough to drop one pound. The WW scale we brought down with us read 215 on Friday (my husband claims that this scale reads a pound higher than our scale at home, but I'm sticking with what it gives me here - I'll confirm if that's the case when I get home). I'm disappointed that it isn't more, but happy that even though the exercise wasn't anything to write home about, I still didn't blow it. I'm learning how to handle my eating away from home and also how to monitor/conserve calories when I'm not burning them as much as I anticipate. I'm not going crazy as I did in the past. Being aware seems to be the key to success. At least for me.

My stats:
Starting weight @ beginning of challenge: 232
Last week's weight: 216
This week's weight: 215
Loss this week: 1 lb
Loss for challenge thus far: 17 lbs

Inching ever closer....

SO...this week we have an easy challenge.....

This week focuses on how each of us are doing and what we have learned about ourselves so far during this challenge. Hopefully we will all have new insight on what our bodies are capable of and how we have held ourselves accountable these past months. Also - as a fun side bar, let's show our weight loss in food. The idea is to take a picture of how much weight you've lost on the challenge so far - but in food pounds. So if you've lost 10 lbs, show us a picture of 2 (5lb) bags of sugar or a 10lb sack of potatoes. Get the picture? 

I'll do this at the end of the week when I get home. I also owe pics of my progress which I haven't done because I have looked/felt horrible and was not feeling, well, very photogenic - LOL. But I'll get those up, too.

Hope everyone else had a good week! I know I owe lots of check ins this week - maybe even from last week, but I tried to get to many of you early on...if I didn't, I apologize and will catch up with your posts this week. 

Let's keep on, keeping on...3 weeks left!


  1. Congrats on your loss while on vacation and having limited opportunities to workout! I'm excited to read next week's challenge post. I am nosy and love to see what everyone eats.

  2. We've had family visiting and then, last week- hayfever hit me like a ton of bricks. I hate it when that happens. And it's not even time for it- I have to wonder if it's related to all this rain we've been having? Anyway, congrats on your pound! Hope you have a safe trip home!

  3. I had a really busy week and will post my entry with next weeks post. I hope that's ok. Just have to get things back to normal again.
    You are very inspiring, with losing while on vacation! Congrats!

  4. Update up but not pleasant but life here. You did awesome to even loss a pound while on vacation. Keep it up girl.
    Take care and can't wait to see some pictures and hear some more about the vacation.

  5. Figuring out how to keep up with the exercise/diet plan while traveling is tough! Seems like you made the best of it though :) Good luck with week 11!

  6. I'm sorry you didn't get all the exercise in that you hoped to while on vacation, but congrats on losing that pound!! Losing anything while on vacation is a really good achievement!

  7. Congrats on your loss that's huge on vacation and especially since the weather has been rude to you!!!

  8. Nice work on the one pound loss and trying to keep up on exercise while on VACATION!