Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

I really wish I'd win the lottery, if for no other reason other than to be able to afford sessions with my personal trainer 3 or 4 times a week. The more I go and work out with her,  the more I love it - and it's not because it's easy - it's because it's HARD.

I had yet another grueling session this morning and there is no doubt in my mind that tomorrow and the next day, I'll be cursing all that is holy because my legs, arms and back will be sore as all get out. And yet, I am beginning to crave that pain. It means I worked my ass off to the point of my muscles tearing and repairing themselves. As Jillian Michaels would say, I don't "call in" these workouts - I truly give them my all. I'm not shitting around this time, folks.

Today, the focus was on my biceps, laterals, and core, but never fear, there usually isn't a session that goes by without squats and lunges involved, and today was certainly no exception. What I really love about the varied training sessions is the explanation behind what each exercise does (other than torture me), because honestly, sometimes I really don't know what I should be focusing on or feeling as I am doing each move. I have come to enjoy truly concentrating on my form - and I realize it does make a huge difference. When I do the exercises correctly, I can feel it in the muscles I am supposed to. What a concept, huh?

I've also gotten ballsier when it comes to asking questions about equipment and have developed a "no fear" attitude when it comes to trying new things. I don't want to be that timid, embarrassed girl at the gym who only sticks to the elliptical, treadmill and one or two machines because that's all I know or am comfortable doing. I want to explore the gym and get my money's worth....I want to make the gym work in my favor and I realize that's only going to happen if I branch out of my comfort zone. 

Today as Linda and I were nearing the end of the workout, I spied those big thick ropes that you see contestants on the Biggest Loser using. They look like this:

My true fantasy is to have a body like this.
And then you wave your arms up and down to move them like this:

Swing those ropes in the air like you just don't care!

The ropes are just one more thing I have wanted to try and so I asked Linda about them and in return, she asked if I wanted to give them a try. Of course I said yes, and let me tell you, they are another thing that looks a hell of a lot easier to do than it is in reality. But I gritted my teeth and I did it - and you know what? It was freaking elating! I also asked about Jacob's Ladder and Linda did say it is very challenging. She asked if I wanted to try that too, but since my legs already felt like Jello (lunges are the devil), I thought I'd better not. I feel it's something I need to tackle in the beginning of a workout when I feel my strongest. I'm pretty sure that machine eats people for breakfast.

Other than that, not to much else to report. The water consumption is going strong, as are the trips to the loo - but hey, I am back at my Friday weight today (yey), so all is well with the world as far as I am concerned. I'm OK with flushing the toilet a million times during the day if it means the fat is being flushed out of my body. And although 100 oz SOUNDS like a tremendous amount of water, it's really only 6 normal sized water bottles you need to drink throughout the day (they are 16.9 oz each). If you spread them out, it's doable - I promise!

I get one bottle and refill it throughout the day, and make a tally mark each time I finish one. I do have my handy dandy Crystal Light packets that help it go down, but since they are 10 calories, I try to keep it to only 2 packets a day and then make the rest plain old H2O. I NEVER used to drink even half this much water so I'm happy that I am sticking to it. I think I must have been living in a permanent state of dehydration prior to this week. It feels good knowing I am taking yet another positive step toward healthier living.

That's about it for now. Hope you are all having a great week! Let's kick some butt on the scale this week!

Oh - and BTW - I'll be posting some healthy recipes tomorrow!


  1. Lunges are the devil!! I think trainers respond well to enthusiastic clients, and that in itself gives the confidence to try more things. I think it's awesome that you've tried out so many things.
    I was also shocked at how much tougher the rope work is than how it appears on TV! It's really good for your back, arms, and core!
    I think you're doing awesome :)

  2. You are really awesome! I like that rope work...I wish we had stuff like that here. It would be so cool to have a class that is just exercise. Nothing in particular, just one time one thing, another time something new and so on.
    I'll post a recipe and I'm drinking my water and I'm getting my miles in but I'm not stretching, I'm afraid to hurt more but once this pain is better I will try them all and the ball mostly. :o)
    Take care and God Bless!!

  3. You go woman!! If I win the lottery I will hook you up!

    My FAVORITE thing for water is True Lime. It's dehydrated lime packets. They have lemon & orange flavors too. (I did not like orange.) Anyway you can drink them, cook with them...laugh your head off when your kid eats a plain packet...Anyway you should google it. I can't live without it.