Thursday, June 14, 2012

When the cat's away, the mouse drinks coconut rum apparently.

Not cheering so much when I got on the scale this morning...that much I can tell you.

Looks like we are being gifted with another incredible weather day again....unfortunately I have a ton of indoor duties I have to jump on but hopefully today will be the day I get on my bike and ride until my hindquarters scream for mercy. I used to have a odometer on my bike that told me my distance and speed but every time we drove to the beach with our bikes on the back of the car,  we'd arrive with bike still intact but the odometer long gone, no doubt crushed into tiny bits along the turnpike or some other beach-bound highway. I'd like to get another one, simply because I have become interested in the numbers game (doesn't every weight-loss hopeful fixate on numbers at one point or another, be it calories, distance, measurements - you name it?)....I'm starting to like the idea of setting a goal and then seeing if I can beat it. But I need a baseline, and that's where the odometer comes in handy.

Anyway, enough about the bike. I've come here to confess today because I'm feeling pretty guilty about some food and drink choices I made late yesterday afternoon and I figure if I can purge my feelings about it here this morning, I can start my day with a clean slate and move the hell ON. One thing about dieting that I have learned over time is that yesterday's indulgences can't be undone - so there isn't any sense in berating myself for extended period of time simply because I had waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much cheese over waaaaaaaay too many tortilla chips and washed it down with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much coconut rum and diet coke and called it dinner.

The hubs is away on a short business trip and I took advantage of a little me-alone time outside on the patio and enjoyed the summery day just a tad too much. I would have never done that if he was here because if he had been here, we would have had a healthy dinner together. And since he is not a drinker, I would not have been inclined to imbibe those lovely summer-in-a-glass libations. Thank GOD Josh doesn't travel often or I am beginning to think I'd be a 500 lb. alcoholic. Ok, Ok, not really but seriously, there was no excuse for me to toss all my marbles to the wind and eat and drink what I did. What's worse is, the scale had made me very, very happy that morning, and this is how I repay it? Stupido, stupido, stupido...

BUT, since I can't undo the day, I'm confessing here and then leaving that shit behind me. I've got my eating actually planned out for today which should safely keep me from going off the rails on a crazy train and Josh will be home tonight to make sure I stay focused,  thankfully.  Oh, and just so you know, I am still tracking! I think despite it's "boring-read" factor, I will try to once again post my food tracking here because I know that if others are reading, I won't want to list the bad stuff. I realize that this week since I didn't have to post my food tracking, I had TWO bad days. I think there has to be something said for accountability there...if I am going "public" with my food choices, I tend to make better choices. Hmmm....
I'm no rocket scientist, but I don't think you need to be one to realize what's up here.....(and it ain't just the number on the scale this morning, people). (Sodium,  you suck).

So, you don't need to read my food log (I'll put it at the end of my posts starting tomorrow), but I will be posting it again just for the sake of my own waistline. Fair enough?

Ok,  that's about it. I feel better for having revealed my f-up and feel so much better about getting my head in the right place today. I do think the old adage "the devil finds work for idle hands" is so true - and it surely was for me yesterday.....if I had kept busy instead of lazying around reading my latest Jennifer Lancaster novel, I wouldn't have had time for my tortilla and rum love affair to occur. Luckily for me, I have PLENTY to keep me busy today (since yesterday NONE of my to-do's got checked off my list) should be a successful day, all around.

What about you? What do you have going on today that will lead you not into temptation?


  1. HA! :) It does feel better to confess sometimes, and other times I enjoy hiding it so NO ONE will know but me ;) I was just talking about this with my sister yesterday- Heres a different perspective- Rather than a diet our eating should reflect a lifestyle change which in my mind doesn't mean giving up everything I love in order to be healthy, it means moderation and enjoying even the bad foods Once in a While! If you did it every day then shame on ya, but if you enjoy those things eat it and love it (ONCE in a while again I stress) then exercise a little more, eat better the next day and don't feel guilty about it. Otherwise at some point you will "fall off the bandwagon" into a cheesecake and never get out again! ;) That's MY story and I'm stickin to it (and sharing it with you) :)

  2. I hate being stuck inside with "indoor duties" that simply can't be left to another day. If I'm not OUT and doing something, I'm more tempted to eat. Blerg.

  3. Being at home = temptation time for this lady. I get bored and just wanna stuff my face. I get lonely and just wanna stuff my face.

    Way to move passed the screw up. Just make sure it's a good little while before you give in to bad decisions again.

  4. I'm with Nanette - boredom equals temptation. I get a lot of gardening done that way. ;)

  5. I'm the opposite - being out and about is worse for me. It tempts me to go through a fast food restaurant drive-thru, or to hit Dairy Queen....stuff like that! So frustrating! Anyway, it was one meal, so move on, and do better today. You can do it!

  6. haha, "summer in a glass" I love that. Sounds like my kind of dinner, cheese and booze. Just remember everything in moderation. You can have those things as long as you don't binge and count them. I drink low calorie, low carb beer and still manage to lose weight. I just have to work harder when I want them : )

  7. Five words- Trader Joe's Cocoa Almond Spread. Yep, that's my new downfall. I knew better than to buy it but I did it anyway. It makes the best treats- but it's also really good on a spoon. Which is how I've had it today. Getting back on the horse. ARGH!

  8. We all slip up and fall sometimes. Dust off that shoulder girl; better days are coming!


  9. We all have our weaknesses! And sometimes we just need to give in. Glad you can come here to "confess" and move on!

    I'm not a drinker, but I DO love my coconut rum and diet pepsi. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved it like you wouldn't believe. But obviously, I couldn't have it then no matter what! So, I decided to try a drop or two of coconut extract added to my diet pepsi. I haven't had coconut rum since! Cheaper, less calories, no guilt!

  10. I have a date with my son next Wednesday in Wyoming with a promise to have lost 10 lbs from him leaving to me seeing him. I didn't keep my promise of 10 lbs but I will be less then when he left. That will keep all temptations away, I hope!!
    Good luck today, you will rock!! YOU WILL!!
    Take care and God Bless!!

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