Saturday, June 16, 2012

Burn, Baby, Burn....

I imagine this is what I must look like at the gym when I am torching calories.....LOL

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to feel spoiled. We've had  quite a few consecutive days of beautiful sunshine and my motivation to work out and be outside has sharply increased, even when last evening, the gnats residing around the town square tried their best to have me for dinner. All I was trying to do was get in an extra walk so that I could make my exercise goal for the week.....why they gotta mess with me like that?

Gnats be damned, yesterday was excellent as far as exercise was concerned. I had a session with my trainer (focus was on legs - ouch), then did 35 mins of the elliptical and then in the evening, the hubs, furry babies and I went for the afore mentioned gnat infested walk. However,  the BEST part of the day was when my husband surprised me with my very own Polar HRM AND a new odometer for my bike! See, wishes do come true! My husband is an amazing guy and so supportive when it comes to this weight loss thing. Doing it together and having a partner who supports your goals is tremendously important and his dedication to his own weight loss has been nothing less than inspiring.

So, cutting to the chase - my calorie burns looks like this from yesterday:

First the session with my trainer which was 30 minutes - by Calorie Count's calculations, I should have burned approximately 206 calories.

Then I hopped on the elliptical for 35 minutes....

Yep - 412 calories - POOF!

After the elliptical, I did another 15 mins of nautilus working the shoulders, biceps and triceps.Not sure what the burn is for that????? Maybe 100 cals??? Maybe less? I dunno! (I didn't have the HRM at the time I was at the gym yesterday).

And later that evening, we walked for just under 35 minutes.....
We only walked just under 35 mins because I was literally being eaten alive....

We even went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner (I had a $50 gift certificate) and did well (and kept within my caloric budget). Granted, we probably stood out like sore thumbs because after all - who on God's green Earth goes to Outback STEAKhouse and orders salmon and Mahi Mahi  with steamed veggies, sauce on the side, no bread and NO bloomin' onion? Uh, Dieters,  that's who.

Knowing we have a wedding to go to today, I knew I had to get the exercise in early today, since I need to have my goal met by tomorrow. So, this morning we walked another hour and 10 mins:
I'm loving this Polar HRM - it's so empowering!
As of Wed, I had logged 3 hours and 41 minutes of exercise. Thursday I cleaned my house for several hours, and although I know it counts kind of as exercise, I'm not really going to count it "officially." Yes, I was sweating and running up and down stairs and bending over to clean and scrub, but I didn't really track my time so I'm sticking with counting "traditional" exercise for my goal totals this week, so Thurs was unfortunately a wash for that...

Yesterday, I tacked on another hour and 55 minutes combined, and today another hour and 10 minutes.

Total so far this week: 6 hours and 46 minutes!

All I need to do is shake my moneymaker tonight at the wedding for 15 minutes and I will have met my challenge goal this week!!!!  I don't foresee that being a problem at all!

I have to say that the pressure to succeed is great, being the one that has coordinated the SSSD challenge. I really feel a responsibility not just to myself, but to all of you!

Hope you are all having a great start to the weekend and I will catch you back here tomorrow for check in time. I should have the linky up in the AM sometime, but I do plan on sleeping in a little - so it won't be the ass-crack of Dawn, I can assure you!

Until tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a great burn!!!! Love the monitor. :) Good hubby!


  2. you have been ROCKING the challenge! I love it. I need like... an ounce of your focus right now.

  3. Sounds like you are doing great!

    Keep it up! Stay Positive!