Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who is ready to get their SIZZLE ON???

Good morning to my Summer Sizzle Sisters!

Since today starts the official kick off of the Summer Sizzle Slimdown Challenge, I thought I would do a quickie post this morning to clear up the questions I have received and post links to everyone's blog (or those that I have, anyway).  IF you see that I do not have your blog url in my list and you want to be a part of the challenge, please just leave the link in my comment section and I will add it to our list!

Here is the way this challenge should roll week to week:
As we embrace day #1,  those that are going to take pics/measurements, this is the day to do it. If you have a blog,  you will post your info there as a regular post. You can leave a short comment (including your url) in my comments section that will let everyone know you have posted. As new people come to my post,  they should check out the comments section to see who has posted for the day, and pop on by their blog to say hi and give some encouragement! I will try to have a cumulative list of ALL challenge members complete by today. I was amazed how many new people popped up suddenly but I think it's great that so many people are on board and excited to get the summer kick-started this way! I say the more, the merrier!

THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE (beginning 6/3/12):

If it passes your lips, you gotta write it down!
No more samples of this or bites or licks of that without accountability!
The goal is to keep a food log this week. I know some of your do this religiously, others do it half-assedly, and yet others don't do it at all. One of the things I continually read in regard to weight loss success is the recording of what you eat and drink. I think they may be onto something!

IF you have a food scale, this would be a good time to dust it off and use it! The goal is to be as accurate as you can about what you are eating, and keep a week-long tally of calories consumed each day. Calorie Count has an excellent database of foods and is a wonderful (free!) tool to use for this very purpose. As an added challenge to yourself,  you can set a calorie limit you'd like to stick with each day. Since this will vary for everyone, please let us know what your goal is. If you don't want to count calories,  that is OK too, but just let us know how you are being accountable. Are you measuring portions? Are you staying away from all fast food? Are you doing something different this week in regard to how you document what you eat that you have not done before? Inquiring minds want to know! Next Sunday we want to hear the good,  the bad and the ugly about how you did (I'm optimistic - I think all reports will be STELLAR!!). We'll check in and give our two cents and some positive encouragement!

Following this initial kick off of the challenge, I will post the upcoming week's challenge info every Sunday. (I'll probably blog more than that throughout the week but Sunday will be the official Challenge Dedication Day). On Sundays, once you have created your post on your blog that gives us the low-down on how you did with the weekly challenges (and any weight loss deets if you are sharing that info), please remember to come back to my blog and post a quick comment that lets us know you have posted (and please include a link to your post!!!). That way people know with whom they can come and check in.

I wish I knew how to do the thing that Thursday's Child did last year with the Christmas Dress Challenge where people inserted their names right onto her page that allowed you to go directly to their post, but I am SO NOT that blog saavy - so I apologize. If anyone has an easier suggestion for how we can check each other's posts, I'm all ears, but until I get a better method,  this will have to suffice.

Remember this is a support system here and we are all in this together - through good and bad, so don't be afraid to ask for help, suggestions, or extra encouragement if you need it. I know some of the challenges seem hard or unpleasant but hey - that's why it's a CHALLENGE, right?

Anyway - I still need my husband to take my picture this morning (but first I have to shower so I don't scare the living bejeezus out of all of you (I have enough butt-ugly pics on this blog already). So I will be doing an additional post today once the measurements and pics are done.

As of right now, I have the following people taking the Summer Sizzle Slim Down Challenge (Please note: if I do not have a name listed, I apologize - it's because I either know you only as your blog name or when you commented your name was not included on the comment. Please provide us with the name you would like to be called during this challenge):

JoNita at
Kody at
Michele at
Julie at
Nicole at
Christina at
Shannon at
Pam at
Alison at
Shala (or Miss S.) at
Plum Petals at 
Dina at
Jo at
Deb at 
Betty at
Tammy1409 (who does not have a blog but will give her updates through my comments section each week).
Tomadou at
Chica at
Kenna at
Lora at
Casey at
Nanette at
Debbi at

Did I forget anybody???

I am not sure of Taryn at Fat Girl in a Skinny World is joining (but Taryn,  we'd love to have you!).

Ok - gotta take a shower! Let me know if anyone has questions! Hope I have covered everything.

Please let me just say that I am excited to be doing this challenge will all of you and am proud that each and every one of us is willing to try their best to make a big difference in their health this summer! We can do this!!!!!!!
And if you ever need further motivation, repeat the words that were once posed to me by the wise (and weight loss success-story) Michele at

...IF NOT NOW, WHEN?????




  1. I just posted on your other post with the challenge details. If its not too late, I'd love to join ...


    1. Hi there! You have been added to the challenge list! Welcome aboard!

  2. I would love to join as well if its not too late!

    1. Hi Dina. It's not too late! I have added you to the challenge list. Welcome aboard!

    2. Awesome, thank you! I will be writing my kick off post later today, so glad I stumbled across this :)

  3. My kick-off post is up! I'm taking pictures but not posting them...though I am going to try and make myself do it on Sept. 2. I just hate pix of myself- even when I'm not overweight. Looking forward to the challenge and hoping for big results! Thanks so much for hosting this!

  4. I am with Pam I took picks, but I don't even want to see them much less share them LOL I will be sharing them on 9/2. I written up my first post with my goals. thanks for the hard work!!

  5. Hi Rochelle, I had commented on the May 29 post and thot that put me on the list. If its not to late, I would like to be included. Debby

  6. I just finished my first post with my goals!

    Good luck to everyone!

  7. Hello! I do not yet have my own blog but Rochelle graciously allowed me to participate in the Sizzle anyway!
    I joined Weight Watchers back in April but never really committed to it...UNTIL NOW!
    We had a really good, motivational meeting this morning where I spoke about my difficulty in staying motivated. I'm a super planner, but find myself giving up after the first few days of each week. I can no longer use the "I'll start over on Monday" excuse!!!

    Anyway, I am starting out at 190 pounds. Measurements are 40 (chest), 43 (waist), 46 (hips) and 27 (thigh).
    My goal is to lose 20 pounds by Labor Day.
    I will be using the WW e-tools to track my meals.
    I am really excited to be part of this challenge. Thanks, Rochelle!!!

    1. Awesome Tammy! Thanks for sharing your details! Best of luck with the challenge. I know we can all do it! Power in numbers!

  8. Ok my post is up.

    Most bloggers use Linky Tools to provide a blog link during challenges. You can check it out here Let me know if you need a hand with it.

  9. My post is up!!

  10. I just posted on a previous post -- sorry if this is a double-up. If it's not too late to join, I'd love to be added to the list!
    I'll write my post later today.

    1. Hi there - no it is not too late to join! Welcome aboard. We are glad that you are going to be part of this fun group! I have added your name and link to this page.

    2. Perfect! I'm looking forward to it! :D

  11. Post is up.

  12. My post is up - pics included...uhhhhh

  13. Here is my first post!! I am going to be visiting everyone tonight

  14. It is up!


    That's my beginning link. Today, day one, I flunk already. I didn't track a darn thing and my steps are only near 9800 however this isn't going to continue, tomorrow is a new day and a great day to get it right. I did get my 100'x100' garden planted, I did get about a ton (a real ton, 2000 lbs) of pearock moved and about 1000 lbs in blocks moved. And then I got to go fishing. So not a sit on my butt do nothing day.

    You are so awesome Rochelle, you are on top of it all. Most excellent!!

    Good luck to everyone. I will do my best to meet you all and support you to the end.

    Take care my old/new friends. Blessings to you all!!

  16. I found out about this through Colie's kitchen. :) I'm excited to take part! I am recovering from back surgery (5/22) and am getting married on 6/30, so I have tons of motivation to get my life on track. Plus, I want to avoid the post-marriage bulge! My working out will be highly modified due to my recovery, but I will do the best I can! I can't wait!

  17. I'm joining this challenge.Here is my week 1 post:

  18. HI, Rochelle!
    I'm in too! Here is my first entry:

    Let's all knock some pounds off!

  19. Hello Rochelle. Thank you for including me. Can i just ask a favor? I have two blogs and will be posting about this challenge on a diifferent link than the one that i listed. I'm sorry for the confusion. The right blog is this: Could you change that on your post? Thank you much!!

  20. Hi, just found this challenge and I am ready to embrace weight loss challenges again! I'll get my post up later today if I can still join. The linky thing at the bottom of your post if pretty easy. I'd be happy to help you if you'd like, just email me. Crabbymomofthree@comcast dot net

    By the way, I'll be blogging about it at