Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Food, Sweat, and Beers

Well, we had another washout at the beach today. Thankfully the hubs and I decided to hit the sand early (aka - 10:30 - not exactly the ass crack of dawn but hey, we're on vacation), but by 1:20, the thunder was rumbling and the lifeguard whistles were blowing and there was a mass exodus off the beach for the second day in a row.  I was a little disappointed because I didn't have a chance to hit the waves today, so no calories were burned swimming and jumping waves, but I did get an extremely sweaty 2 mile walk in this morning in the extra thick, extra humid air. By the time I got back from the modest 2-miler, I looked like I had just completed the Iron Man, I was so dripping with sweat. Ugh, so gross.

This week has not been ideal in terms of weather but we are having a great time anyway, as we always do when we are here. I always feel more energized and willing to exercise while here than I do at home. Not sure why that is but I'll take it this week! I just need to learn to transfer this feeling when I get back to NJ - except remove all of the temptations that are around every corner here (Kohr's Brothers Custard, I'm talking to you).

I have two more days to weigh day and I am a little nervous - not so much because of any kind of bad eating, but I haven't been in "diet" mode either. Plus I have a bit of challenge coming my way this weekend since we are heading to DC for a friend's BBQ - with a menu that includes crabs, pulled pork, peach cake, corn and black bean salad, banana pudding, a few other appetizers I am not sure of and lots and lots of beer and booze. In other words, a diet nightmare.
I need a plan of attack.

I know most of it is mental and I really am committed, so I am hoping I can just get through, maybe sampling things, but not taking full portions.I just need to keep my goals in sight and not forget what I am trying to achieve here.
Stay tuned....

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