Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homeward Bound: Making Plans for Success

I figured I better update the blog today because I realize  have been really bad at doing so while on vacation - which I still am on, as a matter of fact. We leave today and I am actually looking forward to going home and really getting my diet and regular living under way. I mentioned all of the temptations here - and while those type of temptations may also exist at home, I somehow feel more willing and able to say no to them there - for whatever demented reason.

I have been throwing a few ideas around in my head for my plan of action when I return home. First on the list is to weigh myself because I didn't do it here. The scale we had purchased for the beach house last year wasn't working so we tossed it and I was unable to weigh myself - which isn't great for the start of a new diet. But in all honesty, I have not been the best at sticking to a strict diet here, so the way I feel is that getting back home will be the true starting point to this journey. I can hope for a loss within the past week and a half I have been here but the odds don't look promising. In other words, I'm not getting my hopes up.

I haven't been eating the worst I ever have in my vacation history, but then again, I haven't been eating the healthiest either. I wouldn't call my meals "dietetic" in any way, shape or form, but I have been watching portions (albeit, not religiously), which is a good step in the right direction for me. I want to master  being able to stop eating before I feel like I am going to explode, which depending on the food, hasn't been easy for me in the past. If I love what I am consuming, I can eat it til the cows come home (and in turn, resemble a cow as a reward). So, I'll take the small step toward being more cognizant of my portions as a tiny victory, even if it doesn't result in a loss during my vacation.

I am trying to listen to my body's hunger signals and trying to change how I think about portions and what portion I think will satisfy me. I have previously struggled with thinking that I had to have copious amounts of food before me to ensure I wouldn't go hungry. It was a very screwed up way of thinking and was a huge contributor of how I reached 235 pounds. I am confident that changing that simple (or not so simple) mind-set will be one of the paramount things I conquer to help me shed this weight.

One other thing I have been giving a considerate amount of thought to is my exercise plan for when I return home. I have a room where we will set up a small home gym, but I am thinking about maybe investing in a gym membership - at least for the 2 months I have before school starts. I want to get into the swing of the gym again so that when school begins in fall, I can feel comfortable going to use theirs (it's free!) - and continue going to a gym on the three days I have my classes. The other days I can work out at home - but I do like the structure and versatility of a gym environment, and I have always had success when I have joined one. But the last gym membership I had was over three years ago when I first started dating my husband, and it's obvious to see what I have been doing to my body since then, isn't it?

Someone also recommended a link on Facebook about an organization called First Strides, which is a beginners walking/running group for women. They have multiple locations/groups and at least one or two times/locations will work with my fall school schedule. The end goal for all participants is to run a 5K benefiting breast cancer research, so it's for 2 good causes - breast cancer and my own health!!! This would help me reach my goal of running a 5K, since I told myself I would do that before summer's end. And while I may not get there before the end of summer, the 5K for this group is mid-October, which is totally doable!

I'm more than a little nervous about it, and I wish I knew someone that would be willing to do it with me, but I think I would prefer to do the morning session and most everyone I know that might be interested works during the day. You actually need a doctor's approval to do it and it costs 50 bucks to join, so this is not a fly by night, maybe I will, maybe I won't type of commitment - it's sort of like, if I'm doing it, then I better be damn serious about it. It's really intimidating, and I am not sure of my knees would cooperate, but it may be a great way to meet like-minded, similarly situated people and get in some much needed exercise. I'll give it more thought and let you know what I decide.

The last thing I need to do once I get home is grocery shop - but before I do, I reallty need to carefully plan my menu for the week and STICK WITH IT. This sounds easy in theory, and should be since we left for vacation with minimal things left in the fridge and cupboards - so essentially we are starting anew with our food supply. :-)  My food goal is to just buy and eat simply and as cleanly as possible - grilled lean meat, steamed veggies, fish, fruit - you know - healthy things.....and really, really , really try to cut out the processed foods. I hope the hubs is on board!

That's about it for now. I look forward to getting home and really getting into the groove. I'll give an update on my weight and measurements tomorrow, too! Until then.....

"No one knows what he can do until he tries." ~ Publilius Syrus

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