Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When Pie Lives Where You Do....

I said I wanted to post every day.....and here I am - slacking already!!!!!
Someone give me a swift kick in the arse - and fast!

I guess being MIA  for a few days would be bad if the reason for my lack of posting was that I had gone on some feeding frenzy and had a bag of kettle chips strapped to my face like a feed bag or my head was wedged in a half gallon container of chocolate marshmallow ice cream - but thankfully that's not the case.

I am actually on vacation, and so my normal schedule is a bit off, and I'm am not spending much time in front of the lap top since  there are far more important things to tend to.....such as my tan. :-)

However, I am happy to report that even though I am at the happiest place on Earth (or at least MY happiest place - the beach), I have been getting in quite a bit of exercise (biking, walking & swimming) and have been able to keep my eating in check, with only a few obstacles to jump here and there. We don't have a good scale down here so I am a little hesitant to weigh myself here but I think I will this Friday regardless to see if it shows any progress at all.

I love coming to the beach and feel extremely fortunate that my in-laws have a place that we can come to and vacation regularly. But the beach is loaded with temptations and has historically been my "indulgence place," which maybe I have associated with as making me happy in the past. Now I may need to redefine what I think makes me happy - since things like frequent ice cream runs, cheeseburger subs and copious amounts of beer are no longer part of the equation. There is never a lack of "triggers" - and they don't just lurk on the boardwalk or in the town restaurants. As of this every minute there are no less than 4 types of full fat ice cream residing my my mother-in-law's freezer and 3/4 of a gigantic cherry pie left over from a dinner with my husband's aunt and uncle last night. Lots and lots of temptation, and nowhere to run.

But there is something this time that tells me I am going to be OK. I really credit the other blogs I read in making a big difference on the mindset I have. So many stories - so many tips - so many similarities, yet everyone's journey is truly unique to them - as mine will be for me.

I am taking this one day at a time....it's all I can do. I had the conversation with my mother-in-law this morning about wanting to lose 100 lbs and how serious I was about it. She asked if there was anything she could do in terms of having things here that I wanted to eat, or things we shouldn't have to eat. I really don't want to enforce my "diet" on anyone so I just said that I hoped she would not be offended if there were things that I just had to refuse while here. I think that's fair and a good approach. No sense in making others do this if they are not ready or don't want to....This really has nothing to do with anyone but me anyway. And I kind of like it that way!

Anyway, guess I should go dry my hair and make myself presentable.
Hope everyone is having a great holiday week.....I know I am!

P.S. As soon as I figure out how to create a page for my before pictures, I will post them. Someone (a-hem) was not born with the technologically saavy gene!!!

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