Thursday, September 8, 2011

Even My Armpits Hurt...

Every fiber of my body feels like Jillian Michael's tiny little sneakered feet have stomped all over it. And in her own special way, she kind of did.
I have just completed Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred. And let me tell you, I am feelin' it.
In a word, if my muscles could talk, I think they might say something like this - "Ooofa..."

As I laid in bed last night, feeling the onset of effects from yesterday's workout, I turned to my husband and said in all seriousness, "Jeez, I hope I can do my workout tomorrow. I'm really sore." He simply laughed at me, no doubt waiting for the list of excuses he figured he'd soon hear as to why I couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't continue with this working-out thing upon which I had literally just embarked. You see, he's heard it/seen it all before - my initial over-the-top enthusiasm for working out and committing to a diet - yadda yadda yadda -  only to witness me drop it all like hot potato - slathered with butter and sour cream, of course. While I was very committed to losing weight last year prior to my wedding, this year has been  one massive struggle to get back on track, so in my husband's defense, his reaction was understandable. But it did get my wheels turning in regard to my behaviors of yore....

This morning, my husband took our car in for service and called me at 7:30 to let me know he'd be a little longer than expected, because our oil filter was leaking and they had to change some gasket thingy. When I  picked up the phone, I guess it was more than a little obvious I was still in bed (hey, blame it on the rain) so before he hung up, he gently reminded me not to forget that I needed to let Jillian "shred me" today, preferably before he got home. He uses our living room as a home office so I knew that if there was snowball's chance in hell for me to do my workout today, I best bust a move and do it quickly.

I won't lie - I didn't exactly hop right to it (old habits die hard). I putzed around first, telling myself I couldn't work out without a dose of caffeine, so I drank half a cup of coffee first and then watched the weather (we are under flood warnings right now, so I felt this particular stalling tactic was perfectly justified). I also sat and contemplated how the hell my body was going to actually do jumping jacks, given that my whole body was still reeling from yesterday's jump-fest. But I was committed to finding out.

I've made a choice -  I have no desire to let myself down any longer. And I certainly don't want my husband to be right with his thinking that I probably won't stick with this (even though he hasn't said it aloud). I have done that so many times this past year that frankly it's become laughable. Or maybe pathetic is a better word choice. Whatever the case may be, I'm changing my course of action for the good.

What's more is, I really surprised myself by how good it felt doing the workout today. Yes, I cursed through it quite a bit, but I stuck with it. I'm not saying my form was perfect or that I didn't stop for a 5 second breather here and there, but I did get through it. And funny as it sounds, when I heard Jillian's voice booming from the TV, telling me I can do it and that those last reps, when I feel like I can't keep going, are the ones that count the most - I felt myself pushing harder. I can't wait to take my measurements tomorrow and see the changes at the end of the challenge.

My only complaint with this exercise regime thus far is that my 3 dogs like to hang out in the room with me while I am working you know how difficult it is to do bicycle crunches with an 85 pound chocolate lab licking your face?

They only look innocent...


  1. Way to go!! You are doing great! I hate that damn shred! It was/is the hardest thing I have ever tried and I still just act like the dvd isn't in my home lol.
    You can do this and just tell yourself not to give up this time...she picture your hubbys face and laugh and then use that as motivation, just like I use my jerk doctor as motivation!

  2. AMAZING JOB! It's always so hard to get up and just do it. There are days when I do what you did: putz around and try to "forget" that I have to workout. Ugh! I'm VERY proud of you! Your body is happy. It's letting you know it, too. :)

    "no doubt waiting for the list of excuses he figured he'd soon hear as to why I couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't continue with this working-out thing upon which I had literally just embarked." Literally made me LOL.

    As for dogs getting in the way, I completely understand! My kids do that! When I go to do the floor exercises, the baby comes over and plops on top of me like I'm some kind of bean bag. LOL!

  3. I remember when I lived with my parents and we had pets. Working out was always an invitation to either a) lay right in your path or b) lick your face. Funny!

  4. WTG! You are in inspiration to me to get my butt moving. I bet you hubby was proud of you today!!

  5. Good for you..I hate that DVD. They make is sound so easy to do but once you get going with it, it is HARD ! I mean really hard. I am not a fan of jumping jacks myself because my boobs are meant to go up like that !

    Just hang in there. I might have to dig that DVD out and watch it again.

  6. Yeah Day 2 of the shred!! That is awesome!

  7. Hahahaa I feel your pain...and I will again! Tonight Im doing Zumba then going for a walk then doing Jillian...FML...

  8. Jasper has a bed that he lays on while I work out. It's really weird actually. I'm proud of you. Stick with it!