Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Beast of Burden...

I realize the calendar SAYS it's September 1st, but I really am having a hard time believing it's so. However, if my rampant sneezing, watery eyes and itchy face don't deceive me, then yes, it's true - we are barreling head first into the fall season. And there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. Bring on the Allegra!
While I absolutely LOVE fall (this year especially since I am relishing the fact we will have a fireplace to cozy up to on chilly nights), I'm always so sad to see summer fade away. I start thinking about how long it will be before I get my next whiff of Coppertone or how many days I have left to wear my white shorts before it's their turn to get packed away in the attic for another year. I dread the thought of having to relinquish wearing flips flops everyday and prepare myself for the inevitable fade of my skin tone from glowing tan to pasty white. Sigh...
Not all is lost, however! Fall brings it's own sense of magic and wonder....from spicy smells, to cooler morning walks, crisp apples, falling leaves, and beautiful scenery and best of all - Halloween!!!....but, on the flip side, I also associate fall with comfort foods and baked goods and those types of things that helped me pack on the pounds over the years. Fall also means the beginning of school (my last semester of classes before I student teach in the spring!) and a guaranteed crazy work load that, historically speaking, has been known to send me running into the arms of my nemesis, The Sugar Beast, when times get tough.
This particular onset of fall has also brought me to a new level of disappointment in myself that I have been trying to avoid talking about, until now. All of the goals I set for myself this summer have been sadly ignored. I had such good intentions in July after my summer classes were over, but my firm dedication to them has not been, well....the best. I have been sporadic in my exercise and in the last few weeks, even my eating has gotten off track. I know I 'm not losing weight....and believe me, it feel like hell knowing I am being my own worst enemy. The worst part is, I think about weight loss if thinking about it will magically make it happen. Ha - if only!
So, I'm plaguing myself with this question - How do I find my way back to Motivationland?
I have started walking with my husband again (two days so far) which does lift my spirits in the morning, and gets me moving in the right direction. I have checked out the gym at school and feel it is doable to get in a work out before class, no sweat (figuratively, of course! I know I need to sweat!). I just have been feeling like I need a major jump start that will provide me with results to get me going again.
WANTED: One Swift Kick in the Ass!!! Pronto.....
I realize I may need a little help here, so, I ask you: Have any of you ever had a hard time getting started? Is there anything you've tried that worked to kick start your diet/exercise regimen? 
Also - is anyone interested in doing a Fall Challenge? I'm game if you are!


  1. Oh, I did a challenge last year for the last 100 days and GAINED weight! I am not good with challenges. And I am not good with eating going into the holiday season. But this year it all changes! I would love to know why sometimes I am motivated and sometimes not. What works best for me eating-wise is to cut out all refined stuff. The longer I go with none, the less I crave it. Right now I am also cutting back on fruit and grains for a while to try to get back to where I was before my road trip.

  2. Rochelle! Me and Miss April are doing a 30 day shred routine starting September 12th. Want to partake?? email me!!

  3. Hi Rochelle. I found you via Chubby McGee ...are there any gifts involved for being the new follower ?! lol..

    I am doing the Amp challenge (started today) to help me get the weight off along with less food ofcourse. I would be interested in a Fall challenge as well !

  4. Way to go on the getting back to walking. Good work! The hardest part is that first step. Ugh!

    I loved your post today. I felt like I could've written it. I don't know how I will cope without my flip-flops (I wear them through October). *sobs*

  5. I could have written this myself! Let's just do this woman-let's declare today the day!

  6. I wish I had the answer. All I can say is: JUST DO IT! Yep, Nike got it right.

    I am going to miss summer too. I HATE wearing closed toed shoes and socks/tights. I was meant to live in flip flops and sandals.

    I won't let my tan fade. I keep self-tanner on my makeup shelf year round. ;)

  7. You should blog about having to work out every day, and then you have to do it even if you are pissed off about it. O wait......

  8. Ugg, I'm dealing with all these issues, too! So, unfortunately, I don't have any great advice you - sorry! But I'm so up for a fall challenge! I think, it will be a great motivator - I hope!

  9. The guided meditation I do is just tapes with a positive message. I'm currently going through the "Life Mastery" program. It's just very positive, affirmations to help you be a better you. I don't have to chant, or sit in a lotus position or anything like that. It's just a way to embed positive messages into your mind.

  10. I spent years, decades even, thinking about how much I wanted to lose weight. You can check the first two years worth of posts for proof. Bottom line is it really comes down to making small changes and making each decision based on whether it is worth it. Is it bringing you closer or further away from your goal? Make good decisions as often a possible and quickly forgive yourself for the not so good decisions.

    Sending you a supportive virtual ass kicking. Keep the faith that you can and will have a healthy lifestyle. Rock on!

  11. Just found your blog. I look forward to following your progress!

    Keep focused!

  12. Hey, I just signed up for a challenge that starts on September 11th (have to sign up by Sept. 7th). The address for the blog is . I'm hoping this will give me some added motivation as well. Good luck with whatever you decide to do to motivate you this month--I know that getting back on track can be all kinds of hard.