Sunday, September 11, 2011

Noticing A Difference - Day 5 of The Shred

I don't have a tremendous amount of time to blog today because even as I sit here for these few delicious moments, savoring my coffee, I have a to-be-done list a mile long swirling through my brain. Mounds of laundry aside, I know I should be working on school work first and foremost. I have a lesson plan I need to finish today plus some wonderfully boring textbook reading for tomorrow's class. AND I have to hit up Barnes and Noble for a Praxis Exam study guide so can pass my test on Saturday. I'm waaaaaaaaaay behind on studying for this exam and absolutely, positively HAVE to pass for my teaching certification, so just a warning -  if you don't hear much from me in the next week, this is why. I will have my head buried in a book from now until about 2PM next Saturday.

But - I will promise you that I will continue to keep doing the Shred - even if it means more 5:45 AM bird chirping wake up calls. I'm Ok with it. I feel much better knowing I get that part of my workout in early in the day. Miss April @ 30 Before 30 had asked me if I am supplementing the Shred workout with any other means of exercise and the answer is, until now, no - not really. I had taken a walk around town the second day of doing the Shred but haven't done much else since and I know that I have to....the first few days left me so sore that it was difficult to even THINK about doing anything else, but after today my body is telling me I am ready to keep progressing, and I need to start doing more than just shredding it.

Anyhoo - here's a brief recap of Day 5:
I am beginning to notice a difference in both increased endurance and strength and far less soreness (yey!). I even did some REAL jumping jacks, butt kicks (which is similar to jogging in place) and jumping in place for the jump rope assimilation. I also took barely any breaks (breathers) in my arm/shoulder exercises - I really felt myself pushing past the feeling of shoulder discomfort and fatigue and just doing the reps that Jillian expected of me. Basically I probably skipped all told only 3 reps through the entire workout - and for me that is good.  I have also noticed there is far less cursing going on! Ha!
I will say that the last portion of abs work, which is a solid minute of bicycle crunches, is very difficult for me, though. I have a herniated disc in my back so there is something in that move that puts some strain on me that doesn't always feel so great. I have to be careful with it - so I will admit that it takes me about 2 minutes to get through Jillian's one minute of abs because I do take some breaks during that last part (however - again, I notice a significant change today versus Day 1 - so I am getting there). I kind of end up doing my stretching about a minute after she does hers - but that's OK...

So, that's pretty much it, except I STILL haven't taken my measurements! Can you tell I'm not that thrilled about knowing what the actual numbers are? I have enough issues with the scale number let alone the actual dimensions of my ample body parts. Ugh. However, I do want to do it before I go any further with "The Shred" because most people that have done the workout before say the noticeable changes are in inches versus pounds - and I can definitely understand that. Perhaps tonight I'll dig out the tape measure. I know that seeing results is motivating - so what am I waiting for? I'm already 5 days in! 

That's about it...hope you are all enjoying the weekend and sticking with your plans of action, whatever they may entail! Tomorrow marks the OFFICIAL starting day of the 30 Day Shred Challenge - so good luck to all who are involved! This challenge is going to be a real ass-kicker!


  1. You won't regret taking the measurements when you see them going down. I did not take mine and I kind of wish I did.

  2. I didn't know that there was a challenge going on ? How can I join in and who do I need contact ? I would love to get in on this...


  3. Rosie,
    The challenge starts tomorrow (officially) and all you need is a copy of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. This challenge was created by Taryn at Fat Girl In A Skinny World. She has created the schedule that we are to follow in terms of when to change levels - see below.
    Level 1: Mon Sept 12 to Weds Sept 21
    Level 2: Thurs Sept 22 to Sat Oct 1
    Level 3: Sun Oct 2 to Tues Oct 11
    In addition to just doing the workout I am adding a weight loss challenge for myself too - I would like to lose 8 pounds in 30 days (totally doable, I think) - and I would like to see an inch loss in my waist. I still have to do my measurements, which i will post tomorrow.
    Each person is doing what they want in terms of weigh ins etc - I'll weigh in on Fri - and really that's about it. We just want to see if we can get through the challenge. If you have any other questions, you can go to Taryn's blog and ask her to fill you in!

  4. Thanks for the info!!! I am so in on this !!

  5. Great! You do need 3 or 5 lb weights for the video - and a mat if you have a hard surface in your house that you would be working out on....
    Looking forward to doing the challenge with you!